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Our focus is to find the right talent for you

Organizations spend millions of IT dollars to streamline processes to increase productivity and decrease costs. A poorly planned strategy to recruit and staff projects with talent will not achieve these goals. We streamline your process for you by increasing the amount of time we spend qualifying candidates before you even see them. Our process includes technical interviews tailored to your job requirements and the results delivered along with each resume. Increased productivity in the hiring and consulting process equals success for you.

Who we are

Craftlogic Software is a technical staffing, consulting, project outsourcing, and software development company.  We are owned and operated by technology experts and insist upon quality in all that we do. The name, Craftlogic, is itself a reflection of our philosophy because software, we believe, is "crafted" by skilled individuals; craftsmen. It is important to realize the value that a highly skilled individual brings to the table. Craftlogic Software is bringing “craft” to the process of recruiting, hiring and staffing technical people. Like the craftsmen of old, the motivating factor that drives this company is to have pride in our work, deliver solutions to our clients, and have our clients and candidates appreciate our effort.

Our approach

It is very simple. We spend the time upfront so you don’t have to. Our competitors want to give you a large quantity of resumes so “YOU” can find the best candidate. However, we want to understand the key skills for the position by meeting with you and understanding your needs. Often, this will be a technical discussion at your office with your staff. We will then conduct technical interviews based on those requirements and present you with the “BEST” candidates. Many staffing and consulting companies will tell you the same thing and yet they don't have technical people on their staff. How, then, is it possible for them to deliver? Well, we do deliver and by doing so we streamline your efforts by letting your management team do what they do best; increase your company's productivity and not waste their time with a stack of unqualified resumes.



Let us help you make your hiring decisions.

Let us help you make your hiring decisions.


Are you the piece that's missing from a successful project? Read more...

Are you the piece that's missing from a successful project?

About Craftlogic

Craftlogic's mission is to build a relationship with you. Read more...

Craftlogic's mission is to build a relationship with you.

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